Whiterman (white - er - men) only spawn in Taiga or Tundra biomes at night. They are colored white and blend in the Taiga or Tundra's background. They are extremely rare and you might only encounter one throughout the whole entire world. They're hostile and have 40 hearts. They do lots of damage to the player. If you stare straight at his eyes, he will look back at you and creepy music starts to play. Then. When the creepy music stops. He will disappear. Legend says that Whiterman hates it when they get looked at because there white. The Enderman (who is black) made fun of Whiterman just because he was white. Whiterman thought that every time someone look at him or stared at him, he thought they were making fun of him. . Then he will have revenge on you many days later. When that day comes your going to be sleeping in bed , and wake up in a nightmare trying to kill him. If you hit fight back or try to do damage to him he will disappear, never to be seen again in many more days. But next time it won't be by himself again. It'll be the same as before but worse! Can curiousity kill you? Who knows. If you miraculously kill him he will drop 1 diamond. But he will be back for it soon! BEWARE!