Water and lava gysers are rare enviromental features. They are bassicly jets of water or lava that go high into the air. If you look underneath one, you may find either an underground lava or water pool.

Water GysersEdit

2012-07-02 21.34.28

A water geyser.

Sometimes these can be found in about every type of biome, except for Mushroom biomes. They will rarely appear in desert, tundra, and taiga biomes. If they do appear in a tundra or taiga biome, they would be frozen.

Lava GysersEdit

2012-07-02 21.34.36

A lava geyser.

These will spawn more rarely than water fountain, but will still spawn in the same places. These are more dangerous than water fountains.


  • There is a glitch in which a lava geyser will spawn right next to a water gyser.