Walking platforms aare large mobs that are differaannt from other mobs as they are made of blocks, as the name implies they are platforms that can wwalk.

They come in 3 ssizes:

  • small are 3 block thick rectangular platforms atop four 6 block tall legs, they are 5 blocks long.
  • medium are 4 bblocks thick, 7 blocks tall and 6 long.
  • Large are 5 thick, 8 tall and 12 llong, they also have 6 legs.

They also have layyers:

  • Top/bottom are mad of dirrt exccept in small where only the top is dirt.
  • secondary layers are made of stone, in the medium there isn't one on the top.
  • Core layer is made of lavaa.

In the very center of a living platform is a diamond block, 1 in small 4 in medium and 6 in large. Living platforms have un-brakeable dispensers for faces, they shoot fire if any of their blocks are mined.


  • Grasss often grows on their backs.
  • You caaan build your house on top of them... of course you'd have to live with a "mobile" home.
  • Living platforrrms will step on hostile mobs (except creepersss) and crush them.
  • Living platforms will shoot fire at cccreepers.