Thirst Bar: You have to drink water now (You must purify it if you found it in the ocean, lake, etc)

Villages are in every biome and are created to fit the terms of the biome: (Jungle: Jungle Wood, Snowy Mountains: Snow, Nether: Netherrack, ETC)

Villagers have multiple different jobs: (Mayor, Soldier, Archer, Guard, Blacksmith, Mechanic, Farmer, Miner, Priest, Hunter, Messenger, Repair Man, Citizen)

Pyramaid: You can find it in the desert you have to cross a maze, giant hole and traps to find the treasures)

More Realistic Animals: Fish, Whales, Bear, Lions, Birds, ETC)

More Foods: Orange, Lettuce, Bacon, Sandwhich, ETC)

The Aether: Heaven Dimension: Has many huge Greek-Style temples, and statues: it is in the air: has some bosses and mobs: Devil and Angels

New Weather: Tornado, Hurricane, Flood, Volcano, Sandstorm, Sinkhole, ETC)

New Biomes: Hard Clay Desert, Wastelands, Soul Sand Deserts, Deserted Islands, Volcano Islands, ETC)

More Mobs: