Minecraft 2 is the second Minecraft game in the series, it adds new blocks, mobs, and dimensions and HD picture and sound. Notch really outdid himself!

New BlocksEdit

  • added Basalt
  • added Toxic Wood
  • added Grease Stone
  • added Moon Rock

New ItemsEdit

  • added Brain on a Stick
  • added Bluestone
  • added Sandwich
  • added Flaming Arrow

New MobsEdit

  • added Door Zombie (what happens when a zombie breaks a door)
  • added Lil' Biters
  • added Creeper Eggs
  • added Creeper Larva
  • added Worker
  • added Foot Soldier
  • added Daddy Long-legs
  • added Moo-Men
  • added Stomper-Chomper

New Biomes/Events/Natural StructuresEdit

  • added UFO
  • added Aliens
  • added Shooting Star
  • added Island Biome
  • added Wasteland Biome
  • added Tropical Biome
  • added castles

Death MessagesEdit

when killed by a Stomper-Chomper: <player> was Chomped

when killed by a Foot Soldier: <player> was shot by <type of Foot Soldier>

when killed by Lil' Biters: <player> was torn to shreds

when killed by an Alien: <player> was blasted by <type of Alien>

when killed by a Door Zombie: <player> was smacked to death

when killed by a UFO: <player> was suffocated and crushed by a UFO

or : <player> was abducted