Orange= Has a 50% chance of falling from any type of tree, the apple now has 50%. The orange restores 4 hearts.

Chocolate Milk= Restores as much as normal milk, but makes you run 5% faster.

Chocolate Cake= Restores as much as a normal cake, but , makes you run 15% faster.

Pig Food= Includes Bacon, Ham and Porkchop

Breakfast Platter= Features 1 Steak, Ham, or Porkchop, 2 Bread, 1 Apple, 1 Orange, 1 Sugar, 1 Cookie, 1 Milk, Restores 20 hearts if fully ate.

Colorful Cookies= Able to be dyed in any color

Poison Food= Kills a person who eats automatically, the person who made it only knows if it is poison or not.

Chocolate Bar= Restores 5 hearts if fully ate.

Weapons and ToolsEdit

Armings= Protect your arms, adds 3 hearts to a full set of armor

Knife= Able to cut things and takes away 2 hearts

I-Pad= Only useable in Creative Mode to listen to your music.

Headphones= Only useable in Creative Mode to listen to your music without your other player getting distracted.

Battleaxe= Double the strength of a sword and takes away 7 hearts.

Club= Able to take away 3 hearts.

Spiked Club= Able to take away 4 hearts, it is full of spikes.

Thorns= Able to take way 1 heart.

Grenade= The same strength as TNT but you are able to throw it.

Diamond Bow= Double the strength of a bow but shoots two arrows at once.