The Fart Dragon is a huge, white Dragon that can be found in the farlands.


The Fart Dragon is a boss mob, it shoots Explosive fart bombs and will cause damage to the player if touched. If killed, the Fart Dragon will drop 10.000  fart diamonds.

During battle, The Fart Dragon will fly around shooting explosive fireballs, at 50% health it will summon a fart mob, (as in the discontinued Mobs that resembled mister fart  with a huge head) every 12 seconds. this mob will start farting and give damage of 3 hearts. This is a mod.

Finding the Fart dragon                Edit

To find The Fart Dragon, you need to go through a fart portal. The portal will lead you to a fart fortress. Then go through a couple of fart rooms until you find a room full of fart cobblestone. When you enter you will find The Fart Dragon sleeping while guarding a farting crystal. You can wake up The Fart Dragon and kill him thus, getting you a Fart Dragon egg, or you can sneak past The Fart Dragon and obtain the farting crystal and escape.                                                                                         Edit