In this idea, you can hatch Ender Dragon Eggs and breed Ender Dragons that will be friendly.


File:Headline textYou can't breed or even get an Ender dragon to hatch! Minecraft please put a new update that let's you hatch an egg!!! It might not


Show up. You have to put the Ender Dragon egg on the floor for a normal baby ender dragon, on leaves for the forest dragon, near lava for the fire dragon, near water for the water dragon, in the sky for the Aether dragon, near ice or snow for the ice dragon and in deep areas that are dark for the ghost dragon. In order for it to hatch, it will take around  5 Minecraft days to Hatch. To tell it is hatching it will be rolling side to side and be making breaking noises. You will get different eggs: Ice (light blue particals), Water (Dark Blue Particals), Fire (Red Particals), Ghost (White Particals), Nether (Light Red Particals), Aether (Greyish Bluish Whiteish Particals), and Forest (Green Particals). One you get your Dragon Tame it with raw fish (or Cooked it dosent really matter). Since its young you can't ride it. one its a kid you can ride it only for a short time. one its mature you can ride it. One its a Adult you can make it breathe fire with blaze powder. With bones you can make it sit, walk anywhere or follow you.


  • Tamed adult Ender Dragons are friendlier than normal adult Ender Dragons, and can be tamed with Steak or Cooked Pork.
  • Babies are harder to tame
  • When two dragons make a egg, right click to start the hatching process, if you hit it you will break it. Stampy and Squid killed the Ender dragon and squid go a fire dragon called Joseph Lucklink title-- 19:40, May 20, 2014 (UTC) 19:40, May 20, 2014 (UTC) If you kill it on creative and exit The End on survival, you can still read the story at the end.
  • You will be able to put chests on it.