Biomes Edit

(All the biomes in Minecraft will have villages that fit the biome.)

Soul Sand Deserts= Very similar to a desert but instead it is made out of Soul Sand and it is only found in the Nether.

Volcano Biome= It is a normal island biome but much bigger than a normal island and has 1 huge volcano and the rest is normal sand.

Aether Biome= It is similar to the Nether but is located in the sky and there are many temples and churches.

Tall Trees Biome= It is a biome that just includes many tall tree and hills.

City Biome= It is just a giant village that is very advanced and includes many secrets and giant buildings.

Aztec Biome= Like a village but all the houses are pyramaids.

Colorful Tree Biomes= A biome that includes trees of different wood and leaf colors.

Extreme Desert Biome= Like a normal desert because includes much more water and caves along with flat sands also deep drops.

Clay Desert Biome= Like a normal desert but has different color clay batches around.

Cobblestone Hills Biome= A biome with a bunch of hills made of cobblestone.

Extreme Tall Mountains Biome= A biome with a bunch of snowy islands in the air and giant cliffs.