Aquarius is a dimension in the world of Minecraft. Originally known as Atlantis, Aquarius is a water dimension. In this dimension, all of the water is clear and you can't drown. If you swim to the top of Aquarius, you will discover that there isn't a single area of dry land anywhere.


Aquarius has some mountanous terrain, a few trenches, coral, sea weed. Sharkmen Fortresses and Aquarificate Villages can also be found. You can also find Leviathan Caves, where the Leviathan boss is. Abandoned Castles, Abandoned Mines, and Abandoned Villages can also be found.


Like in the Overworld, Aquarius has times of day, and weather. When a storm happens, things get dark, and monsters will spawn. Monsters will also spawn at night time. There sometimes is a rare weather condition which is a drought. The water levels will drop to 10 blocks high, and seaweed crops and coral will wither.


  • Aquarificates, the Aquarius version of Testificates/Villagers. They look like blue testificates but with tentacles instead of legs. Like Villagers, they will trade with you, and have different jobs. Instead of farming wheat, they farm seaweed.
  • Cranite Golems, the protectors of Aquarificates.
  • Sharkmen, which are Aquarius's zombies. Well, in a way. Like Zombies, they attack the villagers, in this case Aquarificates. They always spawn in Sharkmen Fortresses.
  • Octopi, the spiders of Aquarius.
  • Eelian, which shoot spears at you.
  • Grand Eelian, which shoot tridents at you.
  • Woolphin, a cross between a sheep and a dolphin.
  • Coweal, the aquatic cows.
  • Fish
  • Squid, which you can now ride. They also shoot ink clouds when attacked.
  • Giant Squid, which shoot large ink clouds which have nettles in them. These nettles will damage you. They also spawn in the Overworld.
  • Leviathan, a gigantic eel-shark monster. It is the boss of Aquarius.


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