Nether Dragon= Exactly the same to the Ender Dragon, but breathes fire and is red. Drops a dragon egg.

Ender Demon= Breathes out Ender Dust like the dragon will. Drops "Ender Dust" or Orbs.

Aether Devil= Shoots out light lasers. Drops Glowstone, Light Beam or Orbs.

Nethermite= Similar to the Endermite, but red.

Bird= Like a chicken, but smaller. Drops "Bird Wing", "Raw Chicken" or "String".

Herobrine= Like Steve, but has white eyes. The "big boss" of the game and carries a sword with all enchantments and has 100 hearts.

Weapons and ToolsEdit

Hand-Torch= Once held you can walk and see great in the dark.

(Torches now run out of light and need to be lit again with flint and steel, lasting 20 minutes)

Battle-Axe= Double the strength of a sword.

Ice Arrow= Freezes mobs for about a minute.

Fire Arrow= Sets mobs on fire for about 15 seconds.

Sharp Arrow= Hits mobs with cactus thorns.

Armings= Used to protect your arms.

Light Boots= If you fall from 0-20 feet, you will not lose a life.

Leash= Used to keep your dog from running away.

Bomb= Used to throw at mobs.


Grandfather Clock= For telling time.

Gravestone= Used for decoration, carve a message.

(Sapphire Ore, Bloodstone Ore, Ruby Ore)

Mob Attracter= Attracts mob to a light.